Wadi Al-Maaly Technical solutions


Wadi Al-Maaly is one of the leading institutions in the provision of technical solutions in the field of communications and information technology.

Our vision

To be a leading institution in providing innovative and ideal solutions for the IT environment.


To be the most successful technology companies locally, regionally and globally by providing us with all the latest technologies and services.


We help our clients to become business leaders in their respective industries by providing comprehensive, quick to market, quality and affordable solutions.

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Wadi Al-Maaly

We empower businesses to be better at what they do through best-in-class digital solutions. Wadi Al-Maaly is an award-winning, diverse team of engineers, developers, and experienced consultants who specialize in transforming businesses with an extensive set of best-in-class digital solutions. We focus on a consultative, business first approach in everything we do, to solve challenges for mid-market companies. We strategically enhance our clients’ environments with the right digital solutions, diverse expertise, compassion, and a deep understanding of the client’s vision. Our core capabilities include Managed IT Services, Infrastructure and IT Consulting. We’re headquartered in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.


Our services

Our Company is the Gateway to the Sphere of New Technologies in Your Business

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We offer a variety of plans that fits all budgets to get your project done.


Our Clients

We serve with almost everything in technology. We are specialized in IT products and appliances, UPS, POS systems, Networking products, IT infrastructure, Security Solutions and many more. Our approach is simple – provide high quality solutions that enable customers to achieve their business goals rapidly and deliver them on time within the budget.